Monday, January 18, 2010

Are you coming with me...

The Electric Slide, to me, is getting old. We went to two different surprise birthday party's for my oldest sister and my cousin this weekend. It amazes me that no matter the function (if there is music), at some point "that" annoying song will come on. I can't front either, I definitely know how to do the Electric Slide and I usually will participate for one full revolution and then I sit down and laugh.

The beauty of this time of the evening, is that almost every generation gets out onto the dance floor to participate. It's that early to late teen that did not join in on the fun. That would be my step-daughter (we just got married...shout out to Tasiya), my younger cousins, nieces and nephews all did not participate. It could be that they are at the age that dancing with older folks is corny, but I applaud them for not partaking in the nonsense.

What's crazy is that it is an annoyingly LONG song. Also, right after that song, the Cha Cha Slide comes on, and after that The Cupid Shuffle. I'm not even sure if it's a proper line dance or what. I do know that I was out of the loop when this song came on. This of course, makes the "Line Dancing Segment" at parties seem to drawn out.

Please, let's not forget about the Macarena, we don't dance to this song at "black functions" these days.

Anyways...I know there are more "line dances" that I don't know or can't think of. Let me know what songs/dances that I'm missing and whether or not you're a fan of such dances.

I VOTE...HATED IT (shout out to In Living Color)!

Those same teenagers that I was talking about, enjoyed watching a 36 year old man try to do "The Jerk" and the "Stanky Leg". Just to show them, I had to do the Wop, the Cabbage Patch, The Roger Rabbit, The Mike Tyson, The Running Man, and The Pee Wee Dance. This will be another topic for another day though.


  1. First off- congrats on gettin' married, you crazy kids! Haaaaa...

    Now... I hate allllll them things. If there's one thing that I'm equally biased against no matter the era, it's them line dances. ESPECIALLY that 'Electric Slide'- for real, for real. 'Cha-Cha Slide' is equally as ridiculous, and the Cupid Shuffle, and the Booty Call. I do enjoy watching the old folk look a monkey-ass fool while doin' these dances, but I can't rock with any of them things.


  2. i am googling "booty call" right now