Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Saw You...Standing In The Rain...

I'm sure I've talked about my friends group Si*Se on this blog before. Well with music label politics, they are back after 5 years with new material. Friday night, they had an EP release party at Le Poisson Rouge, and they put on a great show. If you don't know about them, please check them out. They are a bunch of talented artists from NYC.

Check the videos/songs below and support good music (my humble opinion).

Cliff aka U F Low aka The Crystal Pharoah
Farley aka R Grizz

I got you guys...


  1. Hey was checking out your site and even listening to the music of your peoples! No doubt! When you post those videos, before you publish switch to html node and tweak the video size to something more comfortable and unobstructive.

  2. thanks mistah sandman...i'll def try that next time.

  3. I know that they ae talented by the videos posted. Congratulations to them. Great music.