Thursday, July 15, 2010

Live From Bedford Stuyvesant, The Livest One.....

Even though Biggie lived in Clinton Hill he repped Bed Stuy and so do we. I read a lot of blogs, message boards, newspapers and such on the internets and lately anything on twitter with #bedstuy. I am baffled by what people think of my hood. On twitter you would think Bed Stuy is the equivalent of Beirut. It is 2010 and this a public service announcement for all heads who want to know what Bed Stuy is really like.

Bed Stuy has CSA's, organic markets, outdoor flea markets, bike lanes, summer concerts in the park, block parties, block associations, summer camps, basketball tournaments and hundreds of other positive things. Why is this always left out of the conversation? Why is it so much easier to focus on the bad? How come the only time Bed Stuy is on the news is to report another shooting? Bad shit happens everywhere. In major cities there is more crime because there are more people. Bed Stuy is equivalent to a major city. It's just the way it is.

I have thought about moving out of the Stuy a few times in past couple of years but we have really made the south side of Bed Stuy our home. For many reasons we have chosen to stay. This is a direct quote from my 16 year old "Mom lets go to Peaches, I love to see see all the beautiful black professionals there at brunch". Put that in your next article or post.