Saturday, October 9, 2010

What What!!!!

It was not the most memorable of summers. We did see Jay Electronica in Red Hook which was pretty dope,we took the kids to see John Legend out in Coney Island there was about a 15 minute show we caught in Von King Park. I can't even remember who it was.... Sadiq from Platnium Pied Pipers moved in with his girl upstairs so I usually get some fresh beats from Detroit on my day off but other than that the summer was kinda dull.

The fall however went hard today. Restoration Plaza set off a community day in Bed Stuy, closing Fulton between Marcy and Brooklyn Aves. Lots of African art, face painting, red velvet cakes, vintage sheepskins and music for all people. The sound system was less than mediocre and the first group up Cubic Zirconia paid dearly for the techies mistakes. From what I could decipher it was upbeat hipsterish music that may have been pretty good if they didn't sound like they were performing in the lower Hudson Bay. Up next was one of my favs Invincible, the sound system improved and she tore it up. Sympathizing with Palestine, calling out for the end of "blood diamond" mining and taking a moment to give a shout out to all the queer kids who are suffering..... Her music says more than anyone else out right now (I think). It is the definition of intelligent hip-hop.

Holy shit do you know who Tamar-Kali is? Well you should because she is a monster on the mic. Todd said Talib tweeted about her being "our generations Nina Simone" her voice is powerful, her presence is huge and her music is loud. I wanted to start a mosh pit with my girls but I don't think they mosh in the hood'.

And last but not least my favorite blogger/tweeter/rapper Jean Grae!!!!!! She rocked out with a Halloween skeleton theme and had a beat from The Itchy And Scratch Show, she is bonkers. She called for parents to "ear muff" their kids when she repeatedly dropped the F- bomb, how can you not love her? She reminded me why I call Bed Stuy my home, why we have this blog and why we love Hip Hop. Brooklyn, Bed Stuy particularly is like no other place in the world.

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  1. At least you did have fun and a wonderful experience. Not to mention to had a chance to see Jay Electronica.