Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Seasons Change: Verse 2 (and 3yr Anniv Of Living In The Stuy)

New Haircuts, new attitudes, one of the kids has a new address, new commitments, and a lot of old behavior. Damn I am glad the winter is over! I find it remarkable the amount of shit the human heart can bare. The bone chilling winter, the endless snow storms,the ache of a broken heart and the willingness to put the winter of 2011 behind us...

Brooklyn, the place I have always longed to be. Brooklyn the borough where I have never sinned. Never had a drink or a drug. Never kissed another man besides my husband. The planet, the place where I learned to be a wife. The place Todd decided would be our home. Do or Die the place where my soul started to grow. Bed Stuy, where I lay my head every night next to his and fall asleep and get to dream of the magic that we are capable of grasping.

I have grown to fall in love with these streets. I have fallen in love with myself as walk down Fulton and I have fallen more in love with him as we walk down Hancock. I look up at the giant sky and really wonder if I deserve this. The second definition of home in the dictionary is: the place in which one's domestic affections are centered. I am glad I didn't have to come up with that line because it would of taken forever. The definition is exact. It describes what happens on the first floor of our brownstone everyday.

We have a love, a home, a truth that is un-shakable. It exist only in those who are willing to take a risk The chance of a broken heart that can be repaired, the willingness to move to a new place where you don't know anybody. The idea of starting a new life from the windows looking out into the most beautiful place in the world. A fear that is so healthy you can only grow from it.

There is no music to reference in this post, no hyperlinks to take you somewhere else. The only thing you get is a brief journey through my mind.

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  1. I miss reading you from the other network and had to look you up...everyone needs a LiL Lexi in their life. Glad all is well with you and even though i do not like Libra's i like YOU Lexi.XOXO