Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Celebrate Brooklyn

Summer 2011 has been fresh to def (showing my age). We joined our local CSA and eat kale on the regular. We are supporting farmers of color and eating much healthier than ever before, in a million years I never would've thought this would end up being where/who I am at this very moment. The CSA is dope. We get organic/locally grown fruits and veggies. Farm fresh milk in glass jugs that is thick and yummy and farm fresh eggs. Have you had a farm fresh egg? They are pretty dang tasty. We are definitely doing our part promoting urban agriculture and spreading the word on eating healthy. I actually have some neighbor hood ladies that want me to give them some tips and a cooking class on eating healthy. It is such a lie that women of color are not interested in taking care of their children by feeding them healthy. They are, they just need more education and more neighbors in the community willing to not be afraid about discussing eating healthy!

Our bikes are clockin' miles around BK. We have seen Talib @ Redhook Park, Nice and Smooth @ Van Buren Park and last week the dopest show to date; Lyricst Lounge with Raekwon, Joell Ortiz, Smif and Wessun, Sean P (the brokest rapper for real)and some other folks. We have the privilege of VIP passes for Celebrate Brooklyn through my job so we sat off to the side and enjoyed the show. My 17 year old (Tasiya) even referred to me as a groupie (of Joell Ortiz)- Yo he is so cute, I love him for real. It's a beautiful thing when families can enjoy hip hop together. Even though the range of what I consider good hip hop and what she considers the best hip hop don't even come close. I just am not nor have I ever felt Lil Wayne. He is a joke I think. So degrading and his voice is annoying as all hell... I can not identify a Wiz Khalifa bar but after walking down Cortelyou with Tasiya I am now familiar with "Taylor Gang" as a young boy made a reference to her rockin' red chucks... Something like yo gal in the red chucks {pause} Taylor Gang!. I actually thought he was referring to her wild blond hair and called her Taylor Dane. My bad- these kids have no idea who Taylor Dane even is.

Anyway love is in the air we are the happiest we have ever been life is as close to perfect as one can wish for! Brooklyn LOVE!

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  1. Lex, I go to farmers markets as well in Arlington - the food is so fresh I love cooking knowing it is coming right from the ground and helping local farmers! And when I get more money, I plan on ordering milk to get delivered from my favorite creamery in the area. SO GOOD!! I'm going to use one of your words now.... farm fresh milk is so dope!! :) Love you!!! <3 Sara