Thursday, July 26, 2012

Where we at yo!

This summer is flying by. We were able to see a few shows already. Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival where my favorite of all time, Slick Rick graced the stage. I gave dap to Sadat X, whom no one seemed to recognize in the crowd-strange even though Brand Nubians rocked it at Red Hook a few weeks before. EPMD sang some classics in Bed Stuy and we are gearing up to see Das Racist at Afro Punk in a few weeks. We are both feeling some of the younger cats out there- I kind of heart Earl Sweatshirt and Mac Miller, it's nice to get some real hip hop out of kids.... If I ever hear another Drake or Nicki Minaj song again it will be too soon.

We are continuously seeking happiness on the streets of Bed Stuy. When you are a 30 something married couple it's much easier to achieve happiness than it was when we were in our 20's. We joined the Hattie Carthan Community garden so after we go to our group meditation, Saturday mornings, we pick up our fruits, veggies and Bed Stuy chicken coop eggs for the week. I sometimes look at our life and I actually gasp. We both spent years "chasing the party" now we eat local, fresh, organic foods and ride bikes everywhere. We have become two people that in the darkest recesses of our minds didn't even know existed. Adults. My kid is heading off to Virginia State University in 3 weeks and we will enter the next phase of parenting, parenting a college kid. I have no idea what this has in store for us but I am excited for the unknown.

Life is beyond good, they say in our community beyond our wildest dreams. Sure we have shortcomings and hurt each others feelings sometimes but every night we lay down together and fall a little deeper in love.


  1. Agreed. As a thirty-something married girl, my life is so much sweeter and simpler than it was in my 20s. Like you, we spend our time finding good food, going to community events and lovin it. Being an adult isn't so bad after all.

  2. Have you been to Do Or Dine? We had a great time there Saturday night!