Friday, September 7, 2012

1970 Somethin'

I think we've made it clear that Hip Hop is the backdrop in our household.  Of course that isn't to say that we don't listen to other "genres" of music, but there is usually a Hip Hop channel on our Pandora "quickmix" at all times.

Anyway 2012 has been a typical year for Hip Hop, except I think there has been some amazing songs, videos, posse cuts, mixtapes and albums that have come out this years.  Naturally, I cannot post every DOPE song of 2012, but I will add some links at the end of the post.

 We've mourned the loss of some of our pioneers, in 2012, from Jimmy Castor to Adam Yauch to Miss Melodie and Chris Lighty most recently.  I know that Ive left a few folks off of the list, but these names struck a cord with me personally.  I grew up with Hip Hop and we are both at the age when death becomes more familiar.  It's a sad reality and a realistic reality as well.

Which brings me to another sad reality of our music.  I've been watching this Lupe Fiasco/Chief Keef  ridiculousness.  Lupe who has for a minute been a rapper that seems to give a shit about society and it's ills, made a comment about Chief Keef.  This is the second time that I know of that fellow Chicago natives have commented on what this YOUNG rapper represents to our culture and society as a whole.  Naturally, Keith responded with threatening to smack Lupe up.  This is all in the wake of Chicago having one hell of a bloody summer and one of Keith's rivals being killed a couple of days ago.  It would be nice if Chicago's and hip hops Midwesterner artist would come together and make a similar song to Self Destruction.  I can picture it now...Kanye West, Common, Lupe Fiasco, Rhymefest and R. Kelly on the hook...all coming together to raise awareness and to try and stop the violence.  It has to stop. back to some good music (in my humble opinion).
DJ Khaled ft. Nas, Scarface, & Premier - "Hip Hop"

Domo Genisis ft. Earl Sweatshirt, Vince Staples, & Action Bronson - "Elimination Chamber"

Rick Ross ft. Andre 3000 - "Sixteen"

Joey Badass, 1999 Mixtape 

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