Wednesday, April 10, 2013

5 Years. Half a Decade. 1,826 Days

We have now been residing on Hancock Street for 5 years. It's the longest he has ever been in 1 place. It's the the first home I have ever shared with anyone except the kid. 5 years, it's not too long but it seems like a lifetime. Brooklyn was an adjustment. Your "hard" ratio changes from suburb to city. If I was a 9 in the suburbs it makes me a 5 at best here. And then you have to wonder... Do i need to be hard at 37?  The answer clearly is no. I digress. Hancock Street has become this fortress of ours, encapsulated by love. Who knew that a family could eat dinner every night at the kitchen table? That a  place could exist where their most private scribings don't need to be hidden because the respect level for privacy is insurmountable.  I have never gone to bed at night wishing to be another place. Bedford-Stuyvesant is the safest place in the world. My husbands arms are there!

So, when we moved here we didn't have much. Actually, we had almost nothing. In the 5 years since we have acquired much. The longer you live a sober life the better it becomes, we call it the "cash & prizes". A perfect night for us is listening to "The Combat Jack Show" and cooking a ridiculous dinner. Mimicking a dish from one of our favorite Bed Stuy haunts. Scratchbread, Do Or Dine,  the kale salad from Peaches (that I still can't figure out) and just being us. We have taken cooking classes at The Brooklyn Meathook. We have ridden every mile of bike lane in Brooklyn. We have listened to every song every up coming rapper has released and we have become critics of all of it. I swear to God there is a pod cast in our future. If there is a way for us to make money by hashing out what we do and don't like we will be rich one day.

The beauty of Brooklyn, to me is my daughter seeing that people of color do the same shit white people do. We belong to the Hattie Carthan Garden so we can eat local and organic. We shop at Trader Joes. We keep the front of our brownstone clean and flowered up. We thrive. We succeed. We love our neighborhood. We volunteer. We show up.

Brooklyn has been good to us and we have been good to her.  Here is to another 5 years!


  1. Awesome post Hello Brooklyn!!! I love your post

  2. Hello there! I am so happy to have read your blog. You seem like a wonderful, warm lady. Very positive and full of light. It is people like you who we hope to meet when my wife and I move in to Bed Stuy after the beginning of the new year. In fact, we'll be neighbors, as we recently bought a home on Hancock Street.

    1. Hi Michael! Send us an email when you guys move in