Saturday, November 30, 2013

Today I wanted a Christmas Tree. We walked up Throop to Fulton, up Fulton to Nostrand and nothing. Not one lot of Christmas trees, seriously there was one tree on the corner of Nostrand and Gates (you know the "flea market" on the corner and I am pretty sure it came out of someones yard. So we walked to Home Depot (refer to Yelp reviews if you want a laugh). Walking there you realize how much Bed Stuy has really changed... I realized that, Brooklyn is our home. I feel like I used to write all the time to prove it. Now it's just what it is... I feel safe, loved, bothered, nurtured and protective of her. God, life changes so much. Our block has become a desired location. The rent has increased by a few hundred bucks in the surrounding brownstones over the past few years. People have gotten lighter, neighbors have gotten increasingly disturbed and accepting at the same rate and the bodegas on Halsey have both gone organic. What the FUCK? (Truth be told him and I try to eat organic as well) I hate when "organic" is associated with "being white". ....Reeling myself in from a tangent... It seems every Saturday and Sunday a moving truck is on either side of the street. On any of the given days a resident of the block from for the past 30 years moves out and a transplant moves in. And I dare not forget that we are transplants. We just got here before the major gentrification started! As Bed Stuy gets different. I dare not call it better, it still lacks in some major areas. My Christmas List: Bank Of America, a movie theater, ballet school, Apple store, A dope sneaker boutique, a really good hospital, a laundrymat on Throop that isn't dingy as hell with a leaky roof where Mohammed is always pissed at life and the A$AP Rocky look a like hangs out. I know that it will happen it's just taking a long time. Every once in a blue moon I imagine living in the west village where there are 24 hour pharmacies and movie theaters. It'll never happen though. I am a Brooklyn girl!

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